Personal Protection Equipment

Our Services Include

Sourcing the best quality PPE Medical and Civil equipment

Maintaining quality checks, arranging payment

Packing and despatcn

Complex certification and customs requirements to ship products safely and efficiently

About Us

PPE Saniclean is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sinopacific Group specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of a range of medical,and non medical masks, and gloves, with emphasis on the production of non allergenic, antibacterial masks for normal, everyday use in both cold and hot climates. PPE Saniclean is the largest foreign shareholder in Zhengzhou Mask Manufacturing, and is establishing production facilities through its subsidiaries PPE Saniclean Australia, PPE Saniclean Canada, PPE Saniclean Ukraine and PPE Saniclean South Africa to manufacture our patent pending 4 Layer Cooling masks, and our range of 2.5PM Washable masks for sale throughout Australia, Canada, Europe and Africa.

PPE Saniclean is importing our range of masks from our Zhengzhou production facility into Australia, Canada, Ukraine and South Africa whilst we establish our local production facility on this countries, and is pleased to offer our range of premium quality, fully CE, FDA and EU certified and tested to our PPE partners as follows.

Fully Certified

All our products are certified, so you can not worry about your safety.

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